Who is Spending the 4th of July in Hawaii?

4th of July in Hawaii

Try as I might, I could not get any of my friends to spend the 4th of July in Hawaii with me. All of my team members, for example, are way too busy showing homes in Sacramento to take a week or two off right now. My husband can’t go because he works in a Governor-appointed position at the State of California and only has so much time during the year for vacations. Well, somebody has to go inspect the property and return the tenant’s deposit, so darn it all, this Sacramento Realtor has to do it.

Actually, handling the transfer of all of the utilities from California has been fairly easy and uncomplicated. Things are often much simpler in Hawaii.

Although we bought our little house in 2015, we haven’t really been able to use it as a vacation home, except for the month of December last year when the sellers-slash-tenants moved out for me. But then they came back because they had nowhere else to go. This time, they have officially found a new place to move. It’s complicated to rent a property in Hawaii. You need a broker of record on the island to do it. Our broker isn’t getting paid, so I can’t ask her to inspect the home. Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, I have offered up myself to make the sacrifice.

Not to mention, we need furniture. And super important things like wine glasses and internet. There are worse things in life than having to spend the 4th of July in Hawaii. Perhaps like trying to sneak batteries in my carry-on in a suitable container qualifies. I hope I don’t get arrested. We bought a new TV to hook up, which means we probably need batteries for the remote. I won’t have time to go to the store to buy batteries because I have to wait at the house for furniture to be delivered. Meet security people. Deal with Time Warner.

These are the types of minute details that need to be considered to make the 4th of July in Hawaii a somewhat stress-free time. After all, I’m still working while I am there, still selling real estate in Sacramento, and I don’t have the luxury to dash about Kailua-Kona searching for batteries. I apply these types of organizational skills and preplanning to all of my transactions. I think ahead. Do you know how many people cannot think ahead?

You probably know a lot of those people. Blinders on the horizon. I encounter these people every day working in real estate.

Even so, you know what they say about the best laid plans.

Who is Spending the 4th of July in Hawaii?

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