Where Does Your Sacramento Realtor Really Work?

where does your sacramento realtor really work?

With technology today, you might wonder where does your Sacramento Realtor really work from? Those not in the business probably assume an agent works in her office. It may come as a surprise to learn that most Sacramento agents do not work in an office. In fact, I don’t even know why agents have desks in an office when they are rarely at an assigned desk. The cost to keep open a real estate office in Sacramento is primarily for appearances.

Often a client will call and ask if they can come down to the office to meet with me. They seem astounded to discover I don’t work from my office. In fact, I am rarely ever in the office. I try to stop by once a week to pick up mail and attend our weekly Wednesday office meeting. Other than that, there is little reason for me to go into the office. If you would like to know where does your Sacramento Realtor really work, she works at her home office.

Almost everybody who produces on a regular basis works remotely. Sure, there are agents who enjoy hanging around the office to talk real estate with other agents. What Hawaiians call Talk Story. But people like me do not have time for social interaction during the day. Much of my business is conducted via phone, email or text. When I am not meeting with a prospective seller to list a home, because listings are my specialty, I am glued to my desktop computer.

I can sell Sacramento real estate from my home in Sacramento or my home in Hawaii. Further, I have the Elizabeth Weintraub Team to support buyers. You never really know where I might be. My home office is in both places. Still, I sell over $30 million a year. Does the answer to where does your Sacramento Realtor really work matter as long as she gets the job done well?

Obviously not. Because, I just arrived home in Sacramento after working for 3 weeks in Hawaii on my Sacramento real estate business. Hello 100 + degrees.

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