When Your Garage Door Remote Stops Working

when your garage door remote stops working

When your garage door remote stops working, it might be because your garage door remote is hosed. Sure, you know enough to check the batteries, right? Of course. Many take those flat 2032 batteries. I never noticed that the opener wasn’t working because lately I haven’t been using it. The reason I haven’t been using it is because I pull my car out in the morning and park in front of the garage.

Then, I leave the garage door open all day so contractors can come and go into our house. The construction company I hired to do the kitchen countertops have been working on the countertops for two weeks now. A job that should take 2 days. It’s always something with these guy: Abbott and Costello. They don’t have the right tools. No supervision. They misunderstand. When they cut holes for the faucet, they never looked at how far the handle turns for the faucet. They also cut the wrong pieces of quartz; it’s been a calamity of errors.

I went to have facial inside The Club at Kona. Could not take the level of incompetence creeping at me hour after hour. Thank YOU, Loli!!!

Now, because I have not physically used the remote for a while, I didn’t realize it had stopped working. OK, I changed the battery. Found 3 websites that showed 3 different ways to reprogram the particular model for my Liftmaster garage door remote control, and I tried all 3 ways. Stood up on the ladder on the top rung with nothing to hold on, felt my legs jiggle. Oh, ick. Could not make the garage door opener recognize the remote. 

I did everything you are supposed to do when your garage door remote stops working, and nothing fixed it.

Well, phooey. Decided it was the remote that is faulty. Tried to order a new one from Liftmaster. Waited a week and no delivery. No charge on my Visa. So I called again. Oh, they misspelled my name so the order did not ship. Hello? Why didn’t they call or email? It’s a shame we are continually faced with such incompetence nowadays.

But they did give me the name of a Liftmaster dealer in Kona, and I dashed over there to pick up two remotes and a new keypad. Eureka. Tradewinds on Olowalu Street by Home Depot. The same street, I noted to their amusement, where the Kona pot dispensary is going in, LOL.

Installed the new keypad and programmed both remotes, and I’m back in business. But it took most of my day to accomplish this. Good thing my closings are on track in Sacramento. As a Sacramento listing agent, I am now down to only four unsold listings. Leaves me time to pay attention to stuff like this crap. Like when your garage door remote stop working.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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