What Will a Sacramento Home Seller Take?

Would a seller take this to sell a house? Would a seller take that to buy a mouse? Would you, could you, in a car, take them, take them, here they are? This is what it’s like putting a home on the market in Sacramento today. Offers falling out of the woodwork and from all directions. I tell sellers that I’m almost afraid for them because I know what will happen, and they do not. Sam, I am. I am prepared. But sellers are freaking out. I know it before it happens.

There is a long parade of offers coming my way today. Thinking ahead, I had mentioned to a seller last week that we should go on the market on Monday so we can all enjoy a relatively quiet Labor Day Weekend. Meaning her home will probably be sold by this Wednesday, at the latest. What is a little bit wild are the calls and emails that I’ve been receiving from buyer’s agents. They all want to know what the seller will do and what the seller will accept.

The answer to those kinds of questions is I do not know. I am not the seller. I am just the listing agent. I’m not inside the seller’s head. I don’t make decisions for the seller. It’s the seller’s house, and she can sell to whomever she wants in this market. It’s a seller’s market. If your buyer is not a cash buyer, you’re probably at a disadvantage, but not necessarily. There are some sellers who care more about the type of person who is making the offer than the type of offer. But let’s not fool anybody, cash offers, as long as the buyer is not a jerk, are more likely to win.

Especially in a short sale situation. In the past, like a few months ago, a cash buyer might be a drawback and not as desirable to a short sale seller. That’s because cash buyers are often distracted by a new listing, something else shiny to buy, and they can bail with great ease. But today, they are very unlikely to walk away because there is nothing else for them to buy. So, that makes a cash buyer just as attractive commitment-wise as, say, my personal favorite, which are VA buyers. VA buyers will stick with the deal because they have no other place to go. But now, neither do the cash buyers.

This is a really good time to be a seller in Sacramento. If you’re searching for an experienced and straight-forward Sacramento real estate agent to help you get top dollar for your home, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916 233 6759. I’ll help you to navigate these crazy multiple offer waters and get the edge in the market. It’s what I do, Sam, I am.

What Will a Sacramento Home Seller Take?

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