What Is The Future of Sacramento Real Estate?

What Is The Future of Sacramento

What is the future of Sacramento Real Estate? This blog was written by our very own exclusive buyer’s agent, Josh Amolsch. We think you will enjoy this blog as it points to a continuing busy real estate market with a population explosion in Sacramento, for decades to come.  Enjoy– JaCi Wallace.

Many people are asking themselves: what is the future of Sacramento real estate? Well, one can probably look to other places as models for what the future of Sacramento could be. Sacramento, once considered a “cow town,” has grown into a big city. According to Worldpopulation.review.com, the population was 369,000 in 1990 and now is 525,000. If you take into account the Sacramento Metropolitan region — which is typically considered Elk Grove, Arden, Roseville and everything in between — we have about 1,500,000 people. That number is estimated to grow by 54%, up to 2.2 million by 2060.

In looking at other big cities, what do they have? Well, what about art on buildings (check), unreasonably high real estate prices (definitely getting there) and an explosion in homelessness and crime (check, check). But large cities also have fun things like museums, major sports teams (hopefully our soccer team can win as we have all given up on the Kings) and branded districts that pull in the tourists. Expanded public transportation should be expected in Sacramento’s future as well.

Affordability will likely be an issue, too. I think the future of Sacramento has the potential to be bright. I keep seeing all of these programs to help buyers buy homes such as Down Payment Assistance and imposing income limits for certain areas of town, but what about actually fixing the problem — which is a lack of homes and jobs? Let the builders build and let the job creators create more jobs. The free market is a wonderful thing. We hope this revival in Fair Housing and fair living extends to everyone.

Weintraub & Wallace Team
Josh Amolsch


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