Welcome to the Sacramento Fall Home Selling Market

The Fall home selling market in Sacramento starts today! Aren’t you excited? Many people don’t even realize that Sacramento has two real estate markets. Some concentrate only on Spring home selling without realizing homeowners get a second chance to sell in Sacramento, and that season starts in the Fall, the day after Labor Day weekend.

After the vacations are over. After the kids are back in school. After it’s no longer considered cool to wear white, that’s when your real estate market in Sacramento takes off. The only problem with this is the market was already steamin’ hot in August. It’s a seller’s market in Sacramento, for those of you who have been living under a rock. It’s no longer a buyer’s market and hasn’t been for some time.

The conditions in Sacramento are tough, almost as tough as driving down the hill from Lake Tahoe after Labor Day in crawling bumper-to-bumper traffic. I swear, we probably would have been better off if we had turned off at the intersection and drove out of our way to Jackson than continuing to inch along Highway 50 from Tahoe. We have tough conditions in Sacramento because we have about 10% of the number of homes for sale that we had 5 years ago. Mix that with low interest rates, below 4%, and throw in first-time home buyers on top of cash investors, hit the chop button, and you’ve got a blender full of something inedible.

I’m doing my part to help. This Sacramento REALTOR has a handful of new listings today hitting the market. Fresh-faced and scrubbed. Priced right. First-come, first-serve. We don’t play favorites. There’s a home in the Pocket that’s been pre-approved by Bank of America as a Cooperative Short Sale. There’s a newer home in Natomas under $150,000, offered as a short sale. How about a hot little number in Arden Manor as a starter home? We also have another Cooperative Short Sale with 4 bedrooms near Elk Grove, passed over by a confused soul. Coming attractions this week include a home near College Greens that is a traditional sale, offered by a seller with equity, and a third Cooperative Short Sale in East Sacramento’s River Park.

I tell Sacramento home buyers to look on my website for new listings, and to stay away from the dated inventory they find elsewhere. But do they listen? What do you think?

Welcome to the Sacramento Fall Home Selling Market

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