We Need a Price Reduction to Pay for Our Preferred Upgrades

price reduction

Sacramento home buyers always have reasons for a price reduction but few matter.

Reasons for a price reduction in Sacramento. You’ve gotta love buyers who send offers with the explanation that they have adjusted the offer to account for all of the upgrades and repairs they plan to make. For starters, they think it has some bearing on the offer. Or maybe they simply just hope it is relevant in some way. It’s a wasted effort. Hello? I’d like to buy your house, but first you need to lower the price to to accommodate my desires. I’d like to install a swimming pool in the back yard because this house has no pool. What were you thinking, a lawn, in this drought? Plus, I’m really loving the Eames craze and plan to build low-level seating around the fireplace that’s not yet been built but which I will construct from hand-fired brick touched only by virgin hands.

Ooooh, I am NOT jiggy over the front door. No, see, this home really needs a double-door entry with a humongous lion head for a knocker. Do you know where I can buy such a thing? Oh, never mind, I’ll find it on eBay. Just give me that price reduction.

The roof is not jamming. That black and gray composition shingle is at least 10 years old. Whoa. It needs to be brilliant blue, perhaps imported tile from Japan. That kind of roof is really expensive, as you know, so I need to knock another $25,000 off the sales price. You don’t mind, do you, because you’re already making a boatload of bucks on this deal, right? Help a fella out, why doncha? What’s a price reduction to you anyway? It’s peanuts.

The kitchen appliances? The dishwasher, gas cooktop and refrigerator are white, for crying out loud. I don’t care that they’re brand new, I hate white. Hate it, hate it, hate it. If it’s not stainless with a hint of edgy ornate. Fuhgeddaboutit.

Let me also point out, I found a cracked tile in the master bath. Speaking of the master bath, I would really like a Jacuzzi instead of a regular bath tub. OK, it doesn’t need to be a Jacuzzi brand, but it still needs to bubble. Like my personality! Hey, look at my most recent selfie! I just shot it this morning when I ran over a homeless person in the street. My hair flowing in the wind. I felt this bump under my bicycle tire, but what the hey.

And the list goes on. Many buyers hold these types of opinions and demands today. Thank goodness there are still investors in the Sacramento marketplace. I’m finding that when homebuyer occupants thumb their noses, the investors swoop in. Lately, investors have been paying more, a lot more, than owner occupants to buy the same house. Why do you think that is happening? Could it be that investors know something that regular homebuyers do not?

You wanna price reduction in a low inventory market in Sacramento? Think again. If you need a Sacramento Realtor, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.


We Need a Price Reduction to Pay for Our Preferred Upgrades

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