Waking Up to a Tree in The Bedroom

Waking Up to a Tree in The Bedroom

Waking up to a tree in the bedroom is a timely blog for Sacramento real estate, given our power outages in the last 24 hours. Very well written by our very own, Josh Amolsch. Enjoy. — JaCi Wallace.

Well, what do you blog about the morning after an above-average storm that caused power to go out multiple times and downed trees all over the city? That’s right, disclosure and inspection advice. There is little worse than waking up to a tree in the bedroom; though the pessimist could rattle off a list of daily occurrences that would meet or exceed that traumatic experience. I didn’t have a tree fall on my house, but I know a few people that had trees fall on their property. I guess if you have a big enough property or a small enough tree, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Just cut it up when you have time, stack it and use it for firewood next winter. Just make sure you check if you can burn that day. (http://www.airquality.org/Residents/Fireplaces-Wood-Stoves/Check-Before-You-Burn)

The anticipation and confirmation this morning of downed trees got me thinking of how we protect our clients. Noting in seller disclosures and the Realtor Agent Visual Disclosure that there are tall trees on the property or trees with a lot of visible roots above ground extends the CYA aspect of selling a home. Likewise, when buying a home, these are things buyers should direct their attention to. Several of our past buyers had large trees cut down as soon as they closed escrow to ensure they wouldn’t be waking up to a tree in the bedroom. Wise. I imagine there was a close call at some point with them or someone they knew.
Aside from waking up to a tree in the bedroom, there are lots of other events that can happen in storms that fall anywhere between inconvenient and deadly. You might be buying or selling a home under the beautiful Sacramento area spring sun. Even if you are a flipper, you are very likely to be the owner of that very same home through the winter. Knowing the potential hazards of a home and preparing the property for such events can make a big difference in your finances and life. Sellers should disclose, buyers should investigate.
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          — Josh Amolsch
Josh Amolsch

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