Second Chance to Buy Vintage 1927 Bungalow by Southside Park

sacramento downtown bungalow

Within the first 6 days on the market, this vintage 1927 bungalow by Southside Park in Sacramento attracted a ton of attention. We were close to offers with 2 other agents when another buyer’s agent quickly submitted a purchase offer. That action resulted in a pending sale for a few weeks. It didn’t last more than a couple of weeks in escrow because the buyer was unhappy that the home wasn’t bolted to the foundation. However, no homes of this vintage are bolted to the foundation. She should have known that going into the transaction.

You never really know what will trigger fears in a first-time home buyer, which is why the buyer’s agent’s job is so incredibly important in a transaction. Can’t really speak to what transpired in this situation except that the buyer lost a beautiful home in a wonderful location that fit everything the buyer supposedly wanted. Or, so they say. Not privy to what actually goes on. A Sacramento listing agent never gets to talk to buyers under fiduciary with a buyer’s agent.

The home inspector also noted in the home inspection that a breaker switch was inoperable. It wasn’t. Turned out the inspector did not flip that breaker switch into the Off or On position. It had been shoved into an intermittent position. But you know, they don’t license home inspectors in California. Anybody can become a home inspector. No idea about that particular inspector’s experience level, either. The guy could have just made a mistake. Dunno. Regardless, the seller replaced the breaker switch anyway, just to alleviate any future problems.

We have a clear pest report on this vintage 1927 bungalow by Southside Park. This home has been babied by the seller ever since he purchased it. I’ve never seen a seller pay such meticulous attention to a home. Even the smallest of details seem to attract massive focus from the seller.

If you’d like an affordable and darling vintage 1927 bungalow by Southside Park, why not check out this 2 bedroom, 1 bath home at 411 U Street, Sacramento, CA 95818? Offered exclusively by Elizabeth Weintraub and Lyon Real Estate at $349K. This is your second chance — the second chance that doesn’t come around very often, you know!

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