Update on Ring Video Doorbell 2


Why I throw good money after bad, who knows, but last March I bought not the Ring Video Doorbell 2 but the original version. Just the Ring doorbell. It worked great to start with but the main problem as time went on was the fact the battery wore out too quickly. It would last about 4 to 5 weeks. Since this doorbell is on our house in Hawaii, when I’m in Sacramento for several months, the battery would drain dead. Rendering it useless.

OK, I figured I could solve that problem by buying a Ring Solar Charger for the original doorbell. Piece of crap. It never worked. This is Hawaii, for crying out loud, there is no shortage of sun. Our gate, to which the ring doorbell is attached, faces east. There is no overhang or shade from the sun. Yet, it does not charge. So that was $49 for nothing.

Then I stripped the screws taking the Ring Doorbell off to charge so many times. My neighbor came over and hacksawed the screws so they would fit a flat screwdriver. I reattached the solar charger but still nothing.

Why I went with another Ring product, I do not know. I must need my head examined. But yesterday I bought the Ring Video Doorbell 2 (with Chime) at Costco for $189. It comes with a removable battery, which is now charging. I also went over to Ring.com and ordered an additional battery backup, so I can charge it. Now, Ring says the battery for the Ring Video Doorbell 2 will last 6 to 12 months, but I doubt it.

We’ll see. I’ll come back to update this blog in another month or so and let you know how well the battery is doing. I have turned off the motion alerts as it records every car that drives down my street, and I can’t stop it from doing that. I’m hoping that the chime will alert me before the app. Because with the original doorbell, sometimes the app works to alert and sometimes it doesn’t.

Do you like my photo of the white hibiscus? I spotted this on Ali’i Drive today and snapped a photo. You do not see very many white hibiscus.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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