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Twas the week before something is a fresh blog post written by our very own

exclusive buyer’s agent, Josh Amolsch.

Enjoy. — JaCi Wallace


Something is Stirring.

‘Twas the week before something, and all through the land

Shoppers were shopping, with mice in their hand

But registers clanged for those who were about

Yet wrinkly eyes were all they could tout

For under the garment that covered their tongue

Were smiles of hope, from both old and young

From lighted-belled entryways and isles that sing

Was glistening support of our dear neighboring

And all the patter of footsteps that once was too much

Was welcomed at last as they reach out to touch

Then out from behind came a voice like a Boeing

“This is the way! If you will only keep going!”

With cheers all-around came a sudden balloon

Of the feeling that something was coming real soon

Then light bulbs were flickering above all their heads

As if to prepare for the celebration ahead

For the town was aroused with the beat of the drum

That for whoever was giving would also receive some

To the corners where all could speak of a sequel

All together they sang “We too are essential!”

Then laughter prevailed with a feeling of swoon

That the people had escaped such a bitter typhoon

With scarf-wrapped children all bundled in fleece

They looked to their Mommy’s and Daddy’s for peace

And upon the way home from the community affair

Danced memories of friendships and courage repair

“For the spirit of giving and helping comes first”

The Missus declared as she searched through her purse

And as the family’s attention was pulled in focus

The woman they love pulled up with a slowness

A gift from a shopkeeper who will sleep easy tonight

That something we all need is alive and insight.

For a list of local businesses to support, go to

Thanks, Destiny.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.


—  Josh Amolsch.

Josh Amolsch

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Twas The Week Before Something

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