Three Top Home Buying Mistakes

Home Buying Mistakes

This article was written by Elizabeth over a decade ago for another publication. It showcases home-buying mistakes and is still relevant information today. Enjoy.

–JaCi Wallace

“OK, there are a lot of mistakes buyers can make when buying a home. But rather than delve into all of them, I thought it was prudent to highlight the top three. That’s because these three are mistakes that many buyers make over and over.

“Buyers don’t set out to make mistakes. Most often it’s an innocent error or because they simply didn’t know any better. But buyers sometimes sabotage their own escrows.

“Why won’t it close? What’s the problem NOW? Those are the frantic questions agents often hear. But more often than not, the problem was caused by the buyer. What should you do or shouldn’t do? If you’re in doubt and can’t contact anybody to ask, the best response is do nothing. Don’t panic. Wait until you have reached a person with answers.

“Because there are too many ways to mess up your chances at loan approval. But what if it’s the agent that is causing the problem? What if you chose the wrong house in the wrong location? Do you have recourse?”

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— Elizabeth Weintraub

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