The Journey Home to Sacramento from Kona, Hawaii

journey home to sacramento

Yesterday, I made the journey home to Sacramento from Kona, Hawaii. As I packed up my computer from the lanai, this green anole lizard stopped strutting up the siding and elected to stare at me. Then he did the most amazing thing. He flirted with me. He blew this mating bubble thing out of his neck, 4 or 5 times. Guess he did not want me to leave.

The journey home to Sacramento from Kona, Hawaii, usually involves calling an Uber from our house in Hawaii. But since I am mad at Uber for utter unresponsiveness and its lackadaisical attitude after some crook swiped my credit card number and began joy riding on my dime, no way, Jose. Uber fraud, and they didn’t care. My friend, Linda, down the street, took me to the airport.

There, I caught a 12:25 flight to Honolulu, which like usual put me at the wrong concourse, miles from my gate. So I stepped up my pace and hoofed it past all the glorious designer shops at this airport to catch the 2:40 flight on Hawaiian Airlines home. This last leg of my journey home to Sacramento from Kona, Hawaii, finally let me relax.

Yes, I will have a Mai Tai, thank you. Where are my Mac nuts? Entertainment Center. Ear phones. Fabulous dinner. Dessert. Maybe an interesting seat mate to chat with. You never know. I just sat back and for 5 glorious hours, I luxuriated in a private world. Comfy seat. And all too soon it was over, plane landed in Sacramento.

I text my husband: rabbit in sight. So he knows to come around to the door to pick me up. Big hug, squeeze, kisses. My journey home to Sacramento from Kona, Hawaii, ends when I walk in the door of our home in Land Park, and all 3 cats came to check me out.

Who are YOU? They said in unison. Do we know you?

Elizabeth Weintraub

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