The Deteriorating Lawrence J. Ellison Parking Garage Elevator

lawrence j. ellison parking garage elevator

Out of all the times I have encountered the Lawrence J. Ellison parking garage elevator while visiting the Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Center, the name never dawned on me. The dawning, of course, is that the Lawrence J Ellison Ambulatory Center of UC Davis was named for Larry Ellison. You know, the Founder of Oracle or, as is more familiar to me, the guy who paid $300 million to buy the island of Lanai in Hawaii; all but 3,000 acres of it. Because it’s something I wish I could do, buy an island. Only trouble is I don’t have 300 million. And I don’t think there are any more Hawaiian islands to buy.

I had an appointment yesterday at UC Davis for a guided ultrasound steroid injection through the pad of my right foot. It’s such an odd thing, the doctors at UC Davis do not seem certain as to the cause of symptoms. Fortunately, there is no pain associated with this dilemma. It’s just a feeling like I stepped on a wad of gum. The doctors suspect Morton’s Neuroma, but to be sure, they decided to stick a needle into my foot, right by my second toe. This wasn’t a procedure I was completely on board with, especially since there was no pain associated with it.

Also, because my second toe is not bigger than my big toe, which is a sign of Morton’s toe. But it could just present a deeper space, which it does. And the pain usually occurs between the second and third toes, while my sensation is more at the base of my second toe. Well, Thursday is a day off for many Sacramento Realtors. If complications arose, at least I wouldn’t be bombarded by work.

lawrence J. Ellison parking garage elevator

These thoughts ran through my head as I headed into the Lawrence J. Ellison parking garage elevator. The whole thing just seemed unnecessary, and although insurance pays for it, I wasn’t sure I should do it. As I stepped into the elevator, I was unprepared for the scene before me. Look at the condition of this elevator. Its floor is strewn with loose material; there are wadded up Kleenexes in the corner. Super gross. Unsanitary. And the elevator’s walls looks like they have seen better days. Like the paneling is wearing thin. I suppose most of the doctors park on the first floor so perhaps they never enter the Lawrence J. Ellison parking garage elevator to witness this disgrace first hand.

Now, I know people who pooh-pooh naming UC Davis as their primary health care provider because they are afraid a novice will care for them. It’s true that UC Davis is a teaching hospital, and they do train residents. So, you might have a less experienced person drawing your blood or hooking you up to an IV. But I have never felt like I was exposed to rookies. Not to mention, they conduct research at UC Davis. I feel as though they are on top of breaking medical discoveries, more so than a non-teaching hospital.

When I asked the doctor if she felt this procedure was a bit over blown given the fact I am not in pain, she said to think of it as exploratory. Although my pain is zero, after the injection, the feeling of gum stuck to my foot should go away. If it doesn’t, then it’s something else. That sounds logical. Guess I’ll find out in a few days if the sensation is still there. I can tell you getting an injection of lidocaine into your foot or between your toes sounds a lot more painful than it is. I am a wimp. A big wimp when it comes to pain. My pain tolerance level is very low. I get put out for procedures others stay awake for.

However, the upside is if you ever need to get an injection in your foot, it probably won’t be as bad as you imagine. Just hope if you go to UC Davis, the hospital maintenance crew will clean up the Lawrence J. Ellison parking garage elevator.

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