The 2018 Taste of Land Park and Best Sunday Open Houses

2018 Taste of Land ParkWhile my husband and I walked over to the 2018 Taste of Land Park event happening on 10th Avenue last Sunday, the team held our best Sunday open houses of all year. We had so much traffic through last Sunday as compared to the rest of the year so far. From the city of Davis to Land Park and into Natomas, buyers came out of the woodwork. Where have they been for so long? Very excited to see buyers showing an interest in Sacramento real estate.

Regardless, Sunday provided beautiful weather to attend the 2018 Taste of Land Park. Believe it or not, we have lived in Land Park for 16 years and have never got around to going to this event. Probably because the hours are a little odd, from 4 PM to 7 PM. It’s too early for dinner and too late for lunch. On top of which, I can’t believe they got all of the neighbors in that stretch of 10th Avenue to cooperate with the event.

There was a band playing in one yard, playing hits from their high school years, from the looks and sounds of it. I really don’t mean to say anything bad about the band, but let’s just say Tom Petty was a favorite. And Tom Petty is one of my favorites. So, see I’m not saying anything bad about the band. We even caught the tribute to Tom Petty at The Fillmore right after his death, all quite by accident. That trip to The Fillmore was focused on a meet up with the Afghan Whigs.

Plus, we were grateful there was a band to perform at all. Seemed like many volunteers at the Taste of Land Park, which is wonderful.

We followed the map given to us but when we got to the event, a security guard told we could not enter from the west of 10th Avenue. Nope, we had to walk around the block. Which was like another 5 blocks. But at least when we got to the other side, they didn’t card us. They handed us our glass and plate combo and off we went, in search of food. The first thing my husband found was dessert from the Freeport Bakery, so he loaded up on that.

There wasn’t a lot of actual meal selections or food. It seems the wineries outnumbered the tables of food. One of our favorite pizza places served not pizza but toasted bread. That was a bit of a disappointment. The salads by Raley’s were a big hit. One of the Mexican restaurants offered mostly chips with a salsa on top, although I think Dali’s supplied those delicious chicken enchiladas. The porchetta was tasty, too.

I discovered M2 wines, which I really enjoyed. Rich, full-bodied reds, very chewy and a bit jammy. Many of the wineries at the 2018 Taste of Land Park supplied interesting tastings. After eating our way heading west on 10th Avenue, we turned around and ate our way heading east and then gave up. It cost us $80 to attend this event, and I can’t bring myself to say we got $80 worth of food and wine, but it’s OK to support the Land Park Community Association. Which meant we just made a nice donation to the LPA. And that’s fine.

It also meant we got back to my home office in time for me to send updates in real time to my sellers about their successful open houses for the day.

Now my husband says we wore off all the calories by walking, but I think a few globbed on and did not let go. My heart app says I walked 7,544 steps, almost 2.7 miles. That’s better than my daily average of 200 steps. Looking on the bright side of stuff!

Elizabeth Weintraub

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