why experience matters in real estate

How to Avoid Mistakes in Sacramento Escrows

avoid mistakes in sacramento escrows

My goal for clients is to avoid mistakes in Sacramento escrows.

When you hire a Realtor like me with 43 years in this business, you would hope to avoid mistakes in Sacramento escrows. Because experience matters. I could go crazy naming all of the ways I help my clients by heading off problems at the pass before they get down the hill. Regardless, as much as I want to predict what horrible thing can occur and stop it, sometimes, despite all caution, crap still sneaks through.

It’s like trying to keep those baby geckos out of my house in Hawaii. I can make sure the door is always closed securely, and then I come home to find my housekeeper with her head in the toilet and the front screen door wide open. No wonder I later found an adult Gold Dust Day gecko upside down on my window blind. read more

A Top Listing Agent is Always One Step Ahead

sacramento real estate brokers

Sacramento real estate brokers rank #1 in the country for income.

Sacramento sellers deserve a top listing agent who is always one step ahead and knows what is coming down the road. It’s like having X-ray vision. We can see around blind curves. We know if you’re gonna run headfirst into another vehicle and slide down the hill or if you’re going around that curve with ease. We know it because our experience tells us. It works for those of us who learn by our earlier mistakes, and we all make mistakes on a regular basis in the early stages of our career. I made my share my first 10 years, but now I have passed the 40-year mark. I know better. read more

A Top Listing Agent is Always One Step Ahead

College Glen Home Sold in 3 Days $10,000 Over List Price

college glen home

This College Glen home on Cliffwood closed escrow at $335K.

When these wonderful sellers were referred to me to sell the husband’s family College Glen home, I was truly overjoyed to meet them. Sometimes, a Sacramento Realtor simply connects with her clients. It’s an amazing feeling. People who don’t express or welcome emotions probably don’t do well in real estate. I can tell when I meet people whether there is a spark, and I can also feel the energy when I enter a home. When both are present, whammo, remarkable things can happen. Further, these types of sellers make me want to be a better agent. read more

College Glen Home Sold in 3 Days $10,000 Over List Price

Another Curtis Park Home Closes Despite Initial Seller Mistake

reasons realtors get paid so much

There are many valid reasons Realtors get paid so much.

I can tell my real estate clients that experience matters, and being a top producer makes a difference when selling, say, a Curtis Park home, but sometimes they wrongly believe the only difference between agents is the amount of real estate commission, so they don’t listen. They have to find out the hard way.

Never burn bridges, is my motto. I also don’t like to cross bridges twice, but sometimes we end up doing exactly that. I recall clearly standing on the front steps of this Curtis Park home with the seller and talking about selling the home. He asked how much I charged, and I told him my fee is 6%. Same fee I’ve charged for the last 40 years. read more

Another Curtis Park Home Closes Despite Initial Seller Mistake

It Takes a Lot of Work to Sell Homes in Midtown Sacramento or Auburn

country homes in auburn

Cow looking over a pond in Auburn, CA

My cute Craftsman home in Midtown went into escrow this morning after hitting the market Tuesday afternoon, and it made me realize how some people will undoubtedly believe that we make it look all too easy. All they see is a home coming on the market and a home immediately selling, and they think to themselves that either agents make too much money or that it’s so danged easy they can do it themselves.

What they don’t see is the work behind the scenes. Nor how 40-some years in the real estate business can add up to a bazillion refinements and tweaks in how the professionals do business. I can honestly say that I improve every year as a Sacramento Realtor, constantly reassessing and adjusting for market conditions. It’s a fluid process. read more

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