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Third Time is a Charm for These Sacramento Real Estate Sellers

third time is charm

Third time is a charm for Sacramento home sellers.

You know where I learned how to say “third time is a charm” in Sacramento real estate? Twelve years ago when short sales were getting started in Sacramento as the market began to crash. Because nobody back then wanted to buy a short sale. Soon that was pretty much all there was to buy, so that attitude changed. Now that we have almost no short sales at all in Sacramento anymore, you would think a Realtor would never have to say “third time is a charm” ever again. Ha!

Listen to this story. I first listed this home in Natomas in August, just as I headed out to Hawaii for a few weeks. Although this home has many nice features, the drawback was it faced the freeway. It didn’t just face the freeway. The freeway was in its face. You could see big trucks on the overpass and cars whizzing by the front yard. Oy, this will be a challenge to sell, I thought. read more

Selling a Home in Sacramento on Thanksgiving

selling a home in sacramento on thanksgiving

Selling a home in Sacramento on Thanksgiving is reason to celebrate.

Because the county assessor’s office is closed in Sacramento today and tomorrow, selling a home in Sacramento on Thanksgiving happens the day before, on the eve of Thanksgiving. The story of this sale is extraordinary, not in part because the amount of money I ended up with from the sale after taxes and overhead is barely enough to cover the cost of Thanksgiving dinner at The Firehouse today, but because the tale is really more about the seller. The 4th escrow was the charm.

I threw in that part about the commission because I happened to look at my ledger when I entered the sale as closed this morning and am astonished at how little I earned, particularly in relation to the amount of work I put into it, which was 4 times as much as any other sale. You know how they say don’t think about the money and it will come to you? Well, it’s true. Most of the time I make a good living because I am free not to care about how much I make. In comparison, though, this check was just so tiny in terms of income but it was huge, enormously so, in terms of relief for my sellers. read more

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