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Reviews Show Elizabeth Weintraub is a Top Listing Agent in Elk Grove

top listing agent in Elk Grove

This top listing agent in Elk Grove receives reviews that confirm performance.

A funny thing happened a few days ago to this top listing agent in Elk Grove. I had received a referral to a couple of sellers who were selling a home in Elk Grove owned by their parents. They wanted to know more about me, so I shared the fact I have sold hundreds of homes in Elk Grove. I’ve been in the business for 43 years, and they are unlikely to find another agent with such a unique track record. Lyon Real Estate has an office in Elk Grove, as well as 16 other offices throughout Sacramento. I am also not just a top listing agent in Elk Grove, in fact, I rank in the top agents in all of Sacramento County. read more

Listed Homes in Elk Grove Can’t Get Into MLS Fast Enough

New Listing Sacramento Homes for Sale.300x200In this hot seller’s market in Sacramento real estate, a cancellation by a buyer can turn into a blessing in disguise. When you work so hard on getting an offer accepted by obtaining document after document that proves the buyer’s mortgage worthiness, and you’re making countless phone calls to assure sellers that by waiting to respond is in their own best interest, and after having out-of-area parties finally agree to sign all of the documents, it can seem a bit defeatist when the buyer announces a chance of heart. You might say to yourself: why did I do all of that work? read more