strategy for multiple offers

How to Give Yourself an Edge Over Multiple Offers

Love-House-Sacramento-300x300What do you do when the home of your dreams comes on the market on Friday morning, and the seller has an Open House scheduled for Sunday? This situation tends to freak out home buyers in Sacramento because they worry that some other buyer will come through that open house and snatch away their dream home. It’s a valid concern. In this seller’s market of limited inventory and high demand, it’s very common for a seller to receive multiple offers. So, what do you do? How do you get that edge that you so desperately want and deserve? read more

Buying That Perfect Home in Elk Grove

Home in Elk GroveMatching first-time home buyers  for a home in Elk Grove with an experienced real estate agent is a brilliant way to pair the innocence of younger buyers with the wisdom of the grouchy. Because an experienced agent will just lay it on the line. Buy the damn house before somebody else snatches it from you, we’ll tell buyers. Why would we be so direct whereas another type of Elk Grove real estate agent might suggest buyers go home and sleep on this monumental decision?

Several reasons. First, been there and done that — painfully watched buyers lose the home of their dreams. It’s not true that every suburban house, for example, looks alike. Homes in Elk Grove differ from each other, sometimes dramatically, including location. Which is the second reason. When a house is special, generally agents can spot it way before the buyer will realize it. read more

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