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The Downside to Buying Homes Near Dairy Farms in Elk Grove

dairy farms

Dairy farms in Elk Grove are scattered in the countryside.

Dairy farms have convinced me. Much as I appreciate the countryside, I am an urban girl at heart. It’s not often that I get out to the country. Living in Sacramento, the country is actually very close at hand. There are lots of places you can drive to from downtown Sacramento and be in the country in 20 to 30 minutes. Which is where we went yesterday afternoon to bring our adopted cat Horatio back to the Sisters Animal Sanctuary on Fogg Road. We drove past a bunch of dairy farms. I’ve never seen so many cows that close up. I asked my husband to stop the car so I could shoot a photo, which you see above. read more

Would You Like to Adopt a Lavender Siamese Named Horatio?

lavender siamese named Horatio

A lavender Siamese named Horatio is a very affectionate cat.

It is a very sad time in the Weintraub household as we prepare to surrender our lavender Siamese named Horatio. You may recall when we adopted Horatio six months earlier. He had been living at the Sisters Animal Sanctuary in Elk Grove ever since he was born. He was used to living on his own there, running outside in an enclosed pen, and pretty much doing whatever he wanted. When he came to live with us, his wild eyes constantly darted about the room, half in worry, I suppose, and the other half was just to keep apprised of what was going on. Like a street savvy cat without ever living in the streets. He wasn’t really socialized in a home. read more

Guess We Are Gonna Keep Horatio the Cat

Horatio the cat

Horatio the cat loves his new leopard Mondo condo.

Horatio the cat just grows on you. At first you might think, oh, he’s kind of cute in an odd sort of way. Like some drunk person fired paintballs at him. After a few days, you begin to think of him as a treasured work of art, worthy of a portrait hung in the Louvre. He purrs, he follows two-legged individuals everywhere. He talks. And I knew today that when I put a collar around his neck, with a reward tag, that he’s hanging out with the Weintraubs for the rest of his life. That’s a really good feeling. Even better than placing in the 3 top agents at Lyon Real Estate. read more

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