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The One Thing a Seller Needs to Sell a Sacramento Home

carbon monoxide detectors

The one thing sellers need to sell a home in Sacramento.

What does every home in Sacramento need to have to sell to a first-time home buyer who is obtaining financing? You might think the home needs a roof, and you would be right about that. Others might guess a floor and walls, and you’d be partially correct about that answer. Somebody else might suggest a kitchen, and while a home needs to have a sink and stove, it doesn’t need what you might call a full-blown kitchen or even a door to close off that kitchen area. The answer is every home needs a carbon monoxide detector. read more

Don’t Make This Sacramento Home Seller’s Mistake

broken piggybank with dollar notesNothing speaks louder than real-life stories of home seller’s mistakes in Sacramento real estate and, in some cases, it’s pretty tragic. Further, being an optimistic person who tends to focus on just the good stuff, I don’t ordinarily talk about the home sellers who “go south” (no offense to you Southerners) but sometimes the stories ought to be expressed.

I share this particular story in hopes that some other home seller in Sacramento will be spared. First, let’s set some misconceptions aside. In today’s Sacramento real estate market, often the first offer is the best offer you’ll ever get. You should negotiate with that offer and not shrug it away because you didn’t like the sales price. Sellers can harbor futile hopes that another buyer will pay more but that and a quarter won’t buy a Starbucks. The first offer you receive might be the only offer you will get. read more

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