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If You Think Selling a Home in Sacramento is Scary

selling home in sacramento

Selling a home in Sacramento does not have to be a scary event.

Selling a home in Sacramento is not as scary as it seems if a seller hires the right Sacramento Realtor. Yet for many people, selling a home is a frightening experience: like an asteroid hurtling toward the earth with no place for you to hide or, worse, bumping into an old boyfriend at the grocery store with your hair wrapped in bleaching foil because, darn it, you forgot to pick up coffee. A Realtor with a bit of sensitivity, compassion and experience should be able to guide sellers through putting their home on the market. Alleviate some of that anxiety. read more

Did You Forget to Sell Your Home in Sacramento?

sell your home in sacramento

Did you forget to sell a house in Sacramento last year?

You might not think it’s possible for a homeowner to forget to sell a house in Sacramento but as a real estate agent, I can assure you that it happens. I often joke that if some agent just followed me around and picked up the real estate business I leave lying on the side of the road, they, too, could be a top producer. My biggest drawback is I don’t continue to ask sellers if they are ready to sell. I don’t want to insult their intelligence. But I also realize that sellers sometimes forget which agent they have called, much to my dismay. read more

Question Home Equity by Marilyn vos Savant

Question Home Equity-300x200I grew up with the expression: Question Authority, but as the billboards around Sacramento seem to imply, today’s message is more along the lines of Question Everything. It’s not that people don’t always tell the truth; it’s much more complicated. In part, it’s whose perception of truth is the truth, and it’s also human error, among other things. The human error doesn’t always originate at the source. Let’s not even start talking about FOX News. read more

What Neutral Carpeting Means to a Sacramento Seller

CarpetsI receive a lot of interesting emails from readers all over the country. I do my best to answer questions. Many of those questions center on short sales, probably because I write a lot about short sales and have personally sold hundreds of short sales. But since selling short sales takes up a small portion in retrospect of my annual real estate sales, I also field questions on other activities such as selling homes in Land Park and home listings throughout Sacramento that are not short sales. read more

Buying and Selling a Sacramento Home at the Same Time

Buy-and-sell-home-at-same-timeIf this were a different type of real estate market in Sacramento right now, my advice would be completely different about buying a selling at the same time. The following advice applies only because this is a seller’s market in Sacramento. Sellers who want to move up or move down in a buyer’s market would have an easier time of it. What your agent might not tell you is trying to buy and sell a home in a seller’s market is almost impossible.

It doesn’t mean you can’t do engage in buying and selling simultaneously; however, it could be very difficult. The reason is we have very little inventory in our Sacramento metropolitan area. People try to equate this particular market of Spring 2013 to the Spring 2006 market, and they are not the same. Back then, in 2006, we had a lot of homes for sale. read more

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