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Sacramento Housing Report for 2016

Sacramento housing report

October 2014 to December 2015 Sacramento Housing Report, Trendgraphix

Even a busy Sacramento Realtor has to stop every now and then and look at the Sacramento Housing Report. This report includes the last 15 months of sales. It shows the number of homes for sale in Sacramento County, the number of homes that are pending and the number that closed for each of the last 15 months. Bear in mind that the pending sales in a previous month could very well be the sold sales in the following month, which means there could be a 30-day or so lag.

For example, this past December, we saw an uptick in sold sales but December pendings had fallen. That’s because many loans were delayed due to the new government TRID guidelines put in place last October. The homes that closed in December most likely rolled over from the pendings in October. I know I had four closings in December that were delayed yet managed to close in 2015, thank goodness. read more

Welcome to the Sacramento Fall Home Selling Market

The Fall home selling market in Sacramento starts today! Aren’t you excited? Many people don’t even realize that Sacramento has two real estate markets. Some concentrate only on Spring home selling without realizing homeowners get a second chance to sell in Sacramento, and that season starts in the Fall, the day after Labor Day weekend.

After the vacations are over. After the kids are back in school. After it’s no longer considered cool to wear white, that’s when your real estate market in Sacramento takes off. The only problem with this is the market was already steamin’ hot in August. It’s a seller’s market in Sacramento, for those of you who have been living under a rock. It’s no longer a buyer’s market and hasn’t been for some time. read more

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