sacramento thursday

A Sacramento Thursday is a New Day in Real Estate

A  Sacramento Thursday

A Sacramento Thursday is a new day in real estate. Today started with a cup of coffee at 6 AM. I live on a farm, so my chores in the morning consist of hungry critters. I make my coffee, then feed the chickens and collect eggs. My German Shepherds, I have to release as I keep them up by my room for protection at night in a small enclosed yard. I open the gate, and they run about 30 miles an hour to their back acre of fenced yard. I feed them each a fresh organic egg every A.M.; they love them.

Then my Schipperkee Dogs, they love a Sacramento Thursday. They sleep in a playpen in my room, three girls. They bark with excitement to go out to the front yard, a fenced 1/2 acre, and run their hearts out. read more

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