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Can This Sacramento Seller Qualify for a Short Sale?

Short-Sale.300x198You may find this surprising to hear, but this Sacramento Realtor takes the time to analyze her sellers before listing a home for sale and she makes sure the sellers qualify for a short sale. I realize it looks like I never say no to anybody, but that’s just because I list and sell many, many homes in Sacramento, including some short sales. I will take just about any listing but I do subscribe to set criteria: I’ve got to believe the home will eventually a) sell, and b) the seller can’t be crazy nuts, like Dr. Jekyll and Hyde personalities. read more

When a Short Sale Buyer Blows Off a Nationstar Auction . . .

participate in nationstar auction

There are benefits to registering for a Nationstar short sale auction.

This is a story of a Nationstar short sale for which the buyer did not register during the online auction and, as a result, did not participate in the online Nationstar auction. I always advise in-contract buyers to register for the online auction and to place a bid, even if it’s the identical amount that they’ve already offered, during the last few minutes of the auction. There are advantages. First, no 5% premium applies to a buyer who is in contract with a seller to buy a short sale. Second, upon winning the bid process, Nationstar promptly issues an approval letter within the week — OK, maybe another week or so when the investor is Fannie Mae, but still. read more

Crazy Escrows in Sacramento Mean We Stay to the End

sacramento short sale are not always easy closings

Crazy escrows are not uncommon in Sacramento short sales.

Of all the crazy things that could fan the flames in an escrow, this particular case I’m about to discuss was exceptional, but then many Sacramento short sales are unique. This was also a small transaction as compared to selling luxury homes in Sacramento or in Davis — but as a Sacramento Realtor, I really don’t look at the sales price and tally my potential commission or I’d never list and sell half of the properties that I do. Or, as my husband likes to point out, still much more than his paycheck. read more

Losing the Attitude Helps to Keep it Real in Sacramento Real Estate

king and queen - two english bulldogs dress like a king and queen

Ya gotta lose the attitude to keep it real in Sacramento real estate.

A home seller from Lincoln mentioned yesterday that he has sold a handful of homes over the past couple of years and bought a home about a year ago, and he has never had such a smooth and easy transaction as he did selling a short sale through me. I called to congratulate him on closing his short sale. I sold the home almost immediately, it comped by the bank at the sales price, and we received a very fast approval, within about 10 days. He sounded almost astonished that he could say that his short sale was so much smoother than compared to a regular transaction. I guess you could say he was very pleased with my performance as his short sale agent. read more

Citi Bank Cannot Fax or Email Outside of Citi Bank

bank-sign-buildingAs a dedicated Sacramento Realtor who gets things done, it is not beyond the scope of my ability to take matters into my two hands, if I have to do it, to close a sale. I am a problem solver. In fact, sometimes other agents call me, agents I don’t even know, and ask me to solve problems for them. If it’s interesting enough, I might help them out, but I don’t get paid for that. So don’t read this and think it’s OK to call Elizabeth Weintraub and ask for help because it’s really not. If I’m not your agent or about to become your agent, don’t call me. read more

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