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Weird Experience Neutering Our Kitten at Bradshaw Animal Hospital

Bradshaw Animal HospitalBradshaw Animal Hospital was not my first choice of a place to get our ragdoll kitty neutered, but I recalled the SSPCA worked closely with Bradshaw Animal Hospital during my short stint in 2003 at the SSPCA. Ha, I bet most of my regular readers do not know that I once worked briefly as the Marketing Manager at the Sacramento SPCA. At the same time that I reactivated my California real estate license. I considered it volunteer work, although to be honest, the SSPCA did pay me.

I had just moved to Sacramento, wondering what I would like to do. Nonprofit + animals = feel good purpose. But I was wrong. The culture at the SSPCA was not a good match for my personality and, besides, real estate is my first love. So, I resigned after a few months. The woman I reported to kept trying to supervise. You know, telling me what to do. Criminy. Her efforts didn’t go over so well. Too many personal agendas there. read more

The Ups and Downs of Selling Elk Grove Homes

Although I sell real estate from Lincoln to Galt, I certainly do end up selling Elk Grove homes as a large percentage of my Sacramento real estate business. Probably because that’s where so many homes for sale are located. And fortunately, for this Realtor, I have an office in Elk Grove that I can use, in addition to the office where I hang out in Midtown. This means my sellers of homes in Elk Grove actually get two large Lyon Real Estate offices working for them. Because I put a large panel sign with the number of our Elk Grove office on the property. For example, if a buyer is driving by the home and wants to see it immediately, that buyer can call the large number on the sign panel, and an Elk Grove agent can be there in a heartbeat to show them the home. That’s a nice benefit, don’t you agree? read more

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