respect for real estate agents

It’s a Good Idea to Treat the Agents You Want to Hire With the Same Respect You Demand

treat agents you want to hire with the same respect

Do you treat agents you want to hire with the same respect you demand? I already know the answer, but let’s explore.

Some people are very uncomfortable being fawned over. My husband is one of those. He especially dislikes being fawned over by insincere people in roles of servitude. I first noticed his distaste for this many years ago when we checked in to stay a night at Adare Manor, a castle in Ireland, County Limerick. Guests are treated like royalty at Adare.

First, they seat you in an oversized antique chair. You’re way too good to stand in line at reception. Then, a row of butlers gently wave fans in your direction and pluck grapes from the overhead vines to place into your mouth, one at a time. A handmaiden removes your shoes to wash and then massages your feet. A concierge rushes over to hand you a glass of chilled champagne. My husband squirmed. read more

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