rely on your sacramento realtor

Is Your Sacramento Realtor Like A Smart TV?

Your Sacramento Realtor

Is your Sacramento Realtor like a SMART TV? Well, a smart tv knows its job. You can ask it to respond to your requests. It will learn the things you like and suggest other items of interest. You can rely on your smart TV to offer you endless smart options when you ask questions. If you ask your TV to recommend comedy movies, up comes a list. Ask it to save you time by recording programs you enjoy and immediately your request is granted.

Does your Realtor know her job? Can she respond to your requests with competency? Does she learn the things you like in a home and does she suggest other qualities in a home that you might like? Can you ask your Realtor endless questions and she provides you smart answers? These very basic and necessary abilities are what’s expected of a smart TV, a robot and indeed of your Sacramento Realtor. read more

Can You Rely on Your Sacramento Realtor?

rely on your sacramento realtor

You can rely on your Sacramento Realtor when working with Elizabeth Weintraub.

Can you rely on your Sacramento Realtor? Many of my sellers hire me because they simply want a real estate agent who will take charge and get the job done, no matter what. Regardless of obstacles, challenges and issues. Don’t get me wrong. They expect more than a decision maker. Clients want an agent with the experience and skills to make the right decision and to help them to arrive at the same conclusion.

As I met with a buyer last night to hand her the keys to her new home in Natomas, she hugged me and said I was an angel who had fallen from heaven. Now, I don’t know about that analogy. Sounds like a rough life to me. Aren’t angels supposed to intentionally appear or whatever? This buyer was not my client. Her buyer’s agent was a guy who had just come back into the business and experienced a few struggles with unusual circumstances in this escrow.

When his buyer released me from the hug, I laughed: it’s not every day a random real estate agent gets you divorced and buys you a house. The last time I had talked with this buyer, she was sobbing uncontrollably. Her lender had practically accused this poor woman of loan fraud, and she was worried to death she would not get the house. I don’t recall exactly why she called me, the listing agent, and not her buyer’s agent, but I suspect she was looking for additional assurance and direction. Her agent gave permission to talk with her. He knows clients can rely on your Sacramento Realtor.

Yes, You Can Rely On Your Sacramento Realtor

See, when her lenders objected to the fact the buyer was still married, it came as a surprise to the buyer. She thought her divorce was over years ago. It was a DIY situation. Turns out she did not complete the final decree required to be officially divorced. Giving legal advice is always avoided at all costs, but offering suggestions is easy. I know what to do. Arranging for an escort to the courthouse is easy. Pulling the loan and giving the file to a mortgage broker who could perform is easy. Promising a buyer that she will close escrow, no matter what, is easy.

Those things are hard for some agents but they are easy for me. Because you can rely on your Sacramento Realtor. And when we finally closed yesterday on the buyer’s dream home in Natomas, the buyer’s agent mentioned he was at the hospital, waiting on results from his mother’s surgery. Without hesitation, I offered to drive out to Natomas and hand the buyer her keys. When he didn’t immediately respond (it was the dinner hour), I hopped in my car anyway. What goes around comes around in this business. I get the job done.

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