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Land Park Community Association Membership BBQ: a Real Sunday Treat

land park community association membership BBQ

We really came to the Land Park Communication Association membership BBQ on Sunday to visit with the dogs. Everybody brings their dogs to these events. Because I always say there is little more rewarding than holding a stick while a dog chews on the other end. Dogs to pet. Dogs to rough-house with, to pay compliments to or just plain scritch behind the ears. Well, we did find two dogs. But we stayed for the food and music.

Far as I know, this is the first Land Park Community Association membership BBQ. Can’t recall ever an invitation to another over the years. It was totally free. BBQ pulled pork and BBQ chicken from T&R Taste of Texas, ice cream from Vic’s. You can see my mint chocolate chip cone above being served by the happiest guy we saw. My husband would disagree, but I say his enthusiastic attitude is probably due to his Hawaiian shirt. Who can’t be happy wearing a Hawaiian shirt? read more

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