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Feral Chickens and Chickens in Fair Oaks

Feral Chickens and Chickens in Fair Oaks

Feral chickens and chickens in Fair Oaks; speaking of chickens, one of my mother’s first jobs as a teenager, besides serving ice cream at Bridgemann’s, was that of a chicken plucker at a chicken factory in Saint Paul. The chickens would come down the assembly line with their broken necks and feet still attached, while factory workers would grab them and furiously pull out their down and feathers—total yuck.

I have no idea how it is done today, and I imagine the chicken factories are completely automated now if they are even still in business. My mother’s chicken plucking days were in the 1940s.

We have many chickens running around in Fair Oaks, California, but nobody tries to grab them and shove the birds into a deep fryer. At least not that I know about. However, the feral chickens who live in Fair Oaks are nowhere near the number of wild chickens in places like Molokai.

You can read more in my personal blog today and find out why there is a stray chicken wandering around the parking lot at Fairytale Town: Chickens in the Road and Fairytale Town

. Elizabeth Weintraub.

Elizabeth’s blog, Feral Chickens and Chickens in Fair Oaks, held a familiar ring. I wanted to add I also worked in a turkey plant in Turlock, California, when I was 16. The turkeys were on an assembly line, all plucked and hosed clean, then hung up on a hook. We each had a specific cut using a very sharp boning knife. There were about 20 workers on the line, all-female. By the time the turkey made its way to the end of the conveyor belt, it was fully boned. Of course, the plant thought I was 18. Elizabeth’s mom and I shared something in common, we both worked in poultry as teenagers.

I have eight chickens currently. In my youth, I would raise and butcher my chickens. Yes, I plucked all the feathers too. My chickens today are 100% pets and provide fresh eggs. When I want chicken for dinner, I go to the grocery store and buy it.

I drove through old Fair Oaks recently, and sure enough, the feral chickens were strutting about.

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August Real Estate Sales

August Real Estate Sales

August real estate sales in Sacramento have been brisk. We are looking forward to seeing the August numbers. It has been quite a month. There are some clients that have been amazing to work with and just a lot of fun. Sometimes we are talking to clients at midnight, yes whatever it takes is our motto. We provide service, plus.

Yesterday, our assistant Adina, was working in Oak Park assisting with facilitating an alarm install on our new listing. Our gardener has been there cleaning the exterior up. Luckily, Adina has a neighbor who is a welder. The welder went over and fixed the iron bars on the gates to slow the break-ins. The bars had been bent back creating a large enough space to squeeze through.

Adina lives in Hollywood Park close to Oak Park, so she goes by every day to check the properties. Our handyman is going there this week to start the repairs. The sellers had experienced a few break-ins and the burglars damaged the interior. We have vendors for everything. Our specialty is preparing a home for the market no matter what condition.

This August we have been very busy getting properties on the market. In addition, we have several new listing opportunites we are working on. The temperatures have been soaring in Sacramento, so hot outside. High temps are sometimes tough to deal with especially if the AC isn’t working.

These same hot temperatures have some positive outcomes such as super sweet watermelons. The fruits are fabulous right now. Looking at the featured photo above, it really brought this August real estate blog, to life. The teal color and the watermelon were a picture-perfect choice for August. There are only 4 more days and we head into September.

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— JaCi Wallace

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National Wine And Cheese Day Celebration

Wine and CHeese

Since 2014, July 25 is the National Wine and Cheese Day Celebration!  There are many places that take advantage of this holiday to provide opportunities for the public to taste and or purchase various varieties and pairings of wine and cheese.  This morning, news stations were featuring different restaurants and clubs that are having such gatherings.   

Many wine and/or cheese connoisseurs plan parties on this day, to invite friends into their homes to share their knowledge and to partake in some rare and tasty combinations.  I have several such friends and clients that have invited me to celebrate the day; however, there is no rest for the market, and I had to decline. I love my friends and loyal clients who keep me in mind when having celebrations and I try as hard as possible to attend when I am able.  Many of my clients have become dear friends over the years and I feel very blessed.   

Several of my past clients have specified wanting a wine cellar/room or wine refrigerators as requirements when they were looking for a new home.  As always, I took note of any specialized requirements and created a tour of such properties.

Currently, I have an exclusive home listed in Rocklin that has a full wine cellar equipped with a custom-built 1000 bottle, temperature-controlled wine cellar.  It is finished in marble, cherrywood and has travertine floors, as well as sconce lighting. The game room has a full wet bar, subzero dual temp wine fridge and ice machine for great parties!! There are so many beautiful places in and outside of this beautiful 5100+ square foot home to partake in National Wine and Cheese Day.  A wine-lover’s dream home – Call to make and appointment to view this lovely retreat!! What a way to celebrate National Wine and Cheese day.

Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold, at 916-233-6759.

— JaCi Wallace

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Rockin Real Estate Race in Sacramento

Rockin Real Estate

A rocking real estate race in Sacramento felt much like I was in the thoroughbred races at Cal Expo. When you have multiple appointments out in Sacramento real estate from 9 am – 7 pm, it keeps us running. There are also hundreds of emails to work on every day. The phone calls keep coming and we triage with top priorities. In between appointments when you have a few minutes while driving, we try to get a call or two completed. With our team of professional Realtors, we have resources to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Yesterday, we had multiple counter offers out and escrows with action items. Also, I had a listing appointment in Alicante Villas at Woodside. We have some sellers that have rather complex showing instructions by appointment only. We need to be present for those showings. When appraisers go to a property, I meet them to go over the comparable sales. We have a tricky property in Rancho Cordova that took some extra TLC with the appraiser.

At days end, some friends needed to see a property to compare pricing. I made it the last appointment of the day. They just are not entirely comfortable with anyone else so we make it work. They bonded the first time we met. Usually, they only see one or two homes a month. I just love them to pieces. It is a joy to see them even on crazy busy days. When people are so kind and appreciative you always go the distance for them with a smile. I rarely show property except in Wilton and east of the freeway 99 in my hood.

I finished working through pages and pages of email last night and the blog must get published by 11:59 pm. The life in a rocking real estate race for a Sacramento Realtor is similar to the thoroughbred race. We race our hearts out full throttle every day, for our people. Our five-star Zillow reviews are for a reason, we give it everything we have and we are happy to do it.

If you want to sell or purchase Elk Grove real estate or Sacramento real estate, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold, at 916-233-6759.

— JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
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Wild Wednesday Real Estate

Wednesday Real Estate

Wild Wednesday real estate. What a day, as it starts with an office meeting, team meetings, two new listings, rescuing a homeless kitten, negotiating repair requests. Then, communications on listings and escrows, over 200 emails, 35 texts and 15 phone conversations later, it was a crazy Wednesday real estate. This is not a tedious job, lol. 

If you want to list or sell a property with Realtors who can ride out the busiest day and still find time to market your property, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors, at 916-233-6759. 

 — JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
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