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Sellers Who Don’t Need One of the Best Sacramento Realtors

sacramento real estate agentIf you’re looking for the one of the best Sacramento Realtors, odds are you can find a few by doing an online search. But just because the agent helps with staging or pricing and you list the home yourself or with a friend, does not mean you’ve got the services of one of the best Sacramento Realtors. You only got part of the story and not the entire package.

A former client relayed to me this morning that she did not realize some real estate agents will work for dirt cheap, and that the job to sell a home is so incredibly easy that she doesn’t really need to hire the best Sacramento Realtor. Although, she did add that when she’s ready to sell her more expensive home in East Sacramento, she will definitely hire me. Because she wants the best. read more

When To Ask an Agent About the Real Estate Commission

Bag with money dollarsWhen the first question out a potential seller’s mouth is how much is your commission, that sends an agent a subtle message that either the caller has never sold a home or thinks the only thing that matters, i.e. differentiates agents from one another, is commission. I deal with both of these issues in my own way. Which means I address it head on and early and first, because any misconceptions about how a Sacramento real estate agent operates needs to be cleaned up immediately if I am to proceed with the conversation. If the caller is searching solely for a discount agent, they have misdialed. read more

Do Sacramento Agents Discount Real Estate Commissions?

home buying sacramentoJust because a real estate commission is negotiable doesn’t mean I am willing to cut a deal for a stranger. Heck, I don’t even make deals for friends because I don’t have any friends selling real estate in Sacramento. But even if I did, they would still pay me for my services. Real estate commissions must be negotiable in order to comply with the Sherman Act, but it doesn’t mean a real estate agent needs to offer a discounted commission. Yes, you can negotiate with this Sacramento real estate agent, and I’ll cut right to the chase here, my answer is no. read more

Success is Focusing on the Joy

No Drama Sacramento Real Estate Agent 300x248Sometimes, people tell me that my blog is just what they need to read for that particular day, and I hope today’s blog is that inspiration for some of you. Today I want to talk about focusing on the joy.

One of my Elk Grove sellers called yesterday after putting her home into escrow to personally say thank you for the wonderful job of negotiation — which was appreciated by this Sacramento real estate agent. Everybody likes to be appreciated. I am especially thrilled when my clients are thrilled. It makes what I do meaningful and worthwhile. It also validates that all real estate agents are not the same, something often overlooked in this industry. read more

Should a Sacramento Short Sale Agent Get Paid?

Short Sale OffersI received an obscure email yesterday from a person who was very upset because the writer realized a Sacramento short sale agent gets paid to do a short sale and, in his words, the seller gets nothing. At first, I could not believe my eyes, but as the words on the page popped out at me, I understood it was simply the frustration and anger of the person writing, and logic didn’t enter into it.

Because if pure logic entered into it, the writer would be upset with himself. He’s the one who, for better or worse, is saddled with an underwater home that he could no longer afford. Maybe it was bad timing, which is nobody’s fault, or maybe the person lost their job and can’t find another, which is also nobody’s fault. Or, maybe the person knew from the beginning the dangerous waters, hard to say, and it doesn’t really matter. What matters is where one is with the property now and what one intends to do about it. If a person doesn’t want to keep an underwater home, this homeowner faces two basic choices: short sale or foreclosure. read more

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