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Real Estate Work During Covid19 Requires Patience

Real Estate Work During Covid19 Requires Patience

Real estate work during Covid19 requires patience as everyone is impacted on some level. Though real estate has been named as an essential service along with construction, don’t kid yourself it is not back to normal by a long shot. The scheduling of repairs is often booked weeks out. In many cases, as there have been layoffs in various businesses, a shortage of the workforce can mean delays. This week has been about working longer days. Whatever it takes we are putting in the extra time and effort. read more

Real Estate Work During Covid19 Requires Patience

National Wine And Cheese Day Celebration

Wine and CHeese

Since 2014, July 25 is the National Wine and Cheese Day Celebration!  There are many places that take advantage of this holiday to provide opportunities for the public to taste and or purchase various varieties and pairings of wine and cheese.  This morning, news stations were featuring different restaurants and clubs that are having such gatherings.   

Many wine and/or cheese connoisseurs plan parties on this day, to invite friends into their homes to share their knowledge and to partake in some rare and tasty combinations.  I have several such friends and clients that have invited me to celebrate the day; however, there is no rest for the market, and I had to decline. I love my friends and loyal clients who keep me in mind when having celebrations and I try as hard as possible to attend when I am able.  Many of my clients have become dear friends over the years and I feel very blessed.    read more

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