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Elizabeth Weintraub Awarded Outstanding Life Member by REALTOR Group

outstanding life member

Outstanding Life Member of Master’s Club, Sacramento Board of Realtors

OK, first the graphic artist mistyped the logo but I finally received the Outstanding Life Member status bestowed upon this Sacramento Realtor by the Sacramento Association of Realtors as a Master’s Club member. It means I have consistently maintained a high level of sales, year-in and year-out, for the past decade.

It’s about the highest level you can achieve at the Realtor Board for its Master’s Club program. The qualifications for Master’s Club change pretty much annually, depending on the market. When the market was down, agents needed a lower sales volume to qualify, like $3 million and 8 sales. When the market is on an upswing, like the Sacramento real estate market is today, agents need a much higher sales volume to qualify, but still the same 8 sales. read more

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