probate home north highlands

Looking to Flip a Probate Home in North Highlands?

probate home in north highlands

Calling all investors who are looking to flip a probate home in the Sacramento area. As a probate home, this sale is strictly AS IS and there are no concessions. May the best offer win.

You do not find very many opportunities right out of the gate to flip homes in MLS. Especially not houses under $200,000. Market for those types of listings is very slim. Just did a quick search in MLS for homes for sale under $200,000 in Sacramento County and we have a grand total of 45.

If you can look past the aqua color and the doggie smell inside, you will probably say it’s mostly cosmetic stuff. I can see an investor getting rid of the popcorn ceilings, tearing up the flooring, updating the kitchen and bath, installing new light fixtures and painting. read more

Looking to Flip a Probate Home in North Highlands?

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