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Twas The Week Before Something

Twas the night before something

Twas the week before something is a fresh blog post written by our very own

exclusive buyer’s agent, Josh Amolsch.

Enjoy. — JaCi Wallace

Something is Stirring.

‘Twas the week before something, and all through the land

Shoppers were shopping, with mice in their hand

But registers clanged for those who were about

Yet wrinkly eyes were all they could tout

For under the garment that covered their tongue

Were smiles of hope, from both old and young read more

Twas The Week Before Something

Do You Have to Tell a Sacramento Real Estate Agent She’s Not Hired?

Sacramento Real Estate AgentThis Sacramento real estate agent focuses on her own business. I don’t spend time worrying about my competitors in Sacramento (i.e. other real estate agents) because they’re gonna do whatever they’re gonna do, and whatever that may be doesn’t really concern me. So, sometimes, it’s a bit astonishing if a seller tells me that I have a won a competing situation in which I did not know I was actively competing. It’s not really any of my business if a seller is talking to other real estate agents before they hire me, just as long as the seller hires me. I usually don’t even ask. read more

Do You Have to Tell a Sacramento Real Estate Agent She’s Not Hired?

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