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Is Dropping the Sales Price of Your Home a Good Idea?

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Fixing an overpricing issue by dropping the sales price is not the best answer.

How many times have I heard a seller say: Well, we can always drop the sales price if it’s too high! Let’s just say I’ve heard it enough times that it makes me wonder where that sort of thing originates. Do they think they’re hawking dollar windshield washes in the traffic lanes to the U.S. Border? Home sellers sometimes harbor their own ideas about how they would like to sell a home in Sacramento . . .

Among Sacramento Realtors, every agent has an opinion. And you know what they say about opinions, right? Among professional Sacramento Realtors with experience and a track record, the latter tend to employ time-tested strategies suited to the type of real estate market at hand. I understand that it’s hard to tell the difference between a Realtor who knows what she is doing versus one who does not. There is a lot of bad advice going around, which might be where some sellers picked up the idea that it is a good idea to drop the sales price. read more

Is Dropping the Sales Price of Your Home a Good Idea?

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