Do Experienced Realtors Write Incomplete Offers?

Do Experienced Realtors Write Incomplete Offers?

Do experienced Realtors write incomplete offers? That is a great question. The Real Estate purchase agreement, RPA in California is a detailed contract. There are classes at the real estate board and workbook for dummies type books on it. It takes a desire to learn what each sentence and paragraph means. It is an important document as Realtors we do three things:

  1. List real estate
  2. Sell property
  3. Realtors use Listing Agreements and Purchase Agreements
  4. Realtors can do property management; however, many brokerages do not allow Realtors to do Property Management without adequate training.
  5. Tenant disputes are one of the most significant issues with DRE, the Department of Real Estate.
  6. Incomplete offers are more common than you might think.

Our team takes a large number of listings each year. the offers arrive without dates, without the agency confirmation filled out, appropriate boxes are not checked or the incorrect boxes are checked. Newer agents who write lots of offers sometimes have more experience writing offers. An agent who has 10 years on the job but only writes 10 offers a year, may not have as much experience as an agent with 5 years of experience who writes 40 offers per year. Do experienced Realtors write incomplete offers? Yes. read more

Why Do Sellers Reject Offers?

Sellers reject offers

Why do sellers reject offers? So many reasons. Let’s focus on a few key points. There are a variety of reasons that offers are not countered and usually, it is because of a combination of factors that negatively affect an offer. Multiple inconsistencies spell out a warning of murky waters ahead.

Price, of course, is an issue. A low down payment, depending on the type of property and value. Good faith deposits tell a seller how serious a buyer is and the level of commitment. Available cash on deposit shows cash reserve funds. Contingency timelines can make or break an escrow. Inspections, of course, are always advised but how well has the buyer’s agent educated her buyers on the as-is condition? Are the buyers expecting repairs? read more

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