Number of years to renew a Real Estate license

How Many Years is Your Real Estate License Issued For?

Real Estate License

Real estate license, was written by Elizabeth, for another website about a decade ago. That got me to thinking about when I first obtained my original license, in about 1980. That was almost four decades ago, so a really long time ago, lol. Enjoy the article. It is as relevant today as it was when written. Many people see my name tag, especially at the grocery store. They ask me about our licensing requirements. This post below beautifully illustrates the answers.

— JaCi Wallace

” I’m working on an article about real estate agents who leave the business or, for whatever reason, decide they can’t make it in real estate. I’m suspecting that last year’s fallout numbers will not even come close to this year’s attrition figures. Which in many ways is a good thing because it weeds out the ineffective and non-producers. read more

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