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Bidding Wars to Buy a Home in Sacramento

Bidding warsA potential home buyer called yesterday to talk about buying a home in Lincoln. Lots of buyers gravitate toward Lincoln because it’s newer and often more affordable than Roseville, although it’s a bit further out from the core of Sacramento. He wanted to know what the market was like in Lincoln. The real estate market in Lincoln is the same as anywhere else in Sacramento right now, mostly a seller’s market. Limited inventory. Too many buyers. Crazy bidding wars.

This fellow said he did not want to get into a bidding war. Hey, I did not want my car to stop in the middle of the freeway the other day either but it did. All the lights on the dashboard came on and it just stopped running. Fortunately, I was in stop-and-go traffic, coming back to Sacramento from Roseville, one of the few times I was grateful for the slow down in traffic. And now that I think about it, my car is not even 2 years old, and I better take it in to have it checked out or I could die next go around if it happened again. This is how busy I’ve been — not enough time to think about why my car died on the freeway, of all places. read more

Why Multiple Offers Are Wrong

It’s not that I don’t trust people; it’s that people can’t always be trusted. Which isn’t necessarily the same thing. When you’re a Sacramento real estate agent like me — and been in the business since kids wore bellbottoms — you see enough to question what seems odd to you. People take that as mistrust, but it’s just enough usually to put my radar on alert. It’s the reason I was accepted into law school in my younger years. I am naturally inquisitive. The oddball in any equation is often suspect for a reason. read more

Multiple Offers: Does it Matter Who Buys Your House?

does it matter who buys your houseDepending on to whom you speak, my position as a top Sacramento real estate agent could be enviable or unfortunate when it comes to giving my sellers intelligent advice about multiple offers and helping them to decide who should buy the house. After all, it is the sellers’ decision. It doesn’t matter if the home is a short sale or a regular equity sale, who buys the house is still the sellers’ decision. The seller owns the home and the seller is in control, making all decisions. I’m just that yappy little Yorkie in their corner trying to help them to make the right decision — which is the decision that is best for the seller. read more

Sacramento Mortgage Lenders Can’t Perform

Why can’t Sacramento mortgage lenders close escrow? Almost every single escrow nowadays has some loan delay that causes a Sacramento home buyer not to close. But just because everybody is doing it doesn’t make it right. Why can’t home buyers close escrow? Because their lenders can’t perform. If you’re looking for a mortgage lender to finance a home in Sacramento, I’d say an important question to ask is can they promise — can they guarantee — that you will be able to close escrow in this century? Get a timeframe and hold them accountable. This is the big white elephant in the room that everybody seems to be ignoring — lenders who can’t perform. read more

What Will a Sacramento Home Seller Take?

Would a seller take this to sell a house? Would a seller take that to buy a mouse? Would you, could you, in a car, take them, take them, here they are? This is what it’s like putting a home on the market in Sacramento today. Offers falling out of the woodwork and from all directions. I tell sellers that I’m almost afraid for them because I know what will happen, and they do not. Sam, I am. I am prepared. But sellers are freaking out. I know it before it happens.

There is a long parade of offers coming my way today. Thinking ahead, I had mentioned to a seller last week that we should go on the market on Monday so we can all enjoy a relatively quiet Labor Day Weekend. Meaning her home will probably be sold by this Wednesday, at the latest. What is a little bit wild are the calls and emails that I’ve been receiving from buyer’s agents. They all want to know what the seller will do and what the seller will accept. read more

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