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Reason #49 Sellers in Sacramento Might Reject Buyers

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Sacramento sellers can have odd reasons to reject buyers’ offers.

Believe it or not, but there are real estate agents in this business who unintentionally blow their buyers’ purchase offers out of the water. If you’re a buyer whose offer was not accepted by a seller, you might look more closely at your agent. You probably do anyway because it’s human nature to blame your agent when your offer doesn’t come back signed. It’s not always your agent’s fault, though. Sometimes, it’s your fault for not listening to your agent. And, honestly, sometimes it is your agent’s fault. read more

Is Syndicated Real Estate Writer Jim Woodard a Dingaling?

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Pricing a home too low is pretty much impossible.

Usually I enjoy reading syndicated real estate writer Jim Woodard in the Sacramento Bee. His real estate articles are distributed nationally by Creators Syndicate, and even has picked up his columns. Although I suspect you’re unlikely to find his recent Open House column titled Setting a Realistic Asking Price for a Home on any Realtor website because it’s so skewed. This is what happens when a non-Realtor gives real-estate related advice. Sometimes writers get it wrong. Sometimes they look like a dingaling. read more

Tips for Buying a New Listing in Sacramento

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Listen to your agent about making an offer on a new listing in Sacramento

Home buyers tend to pay a lot of attention to the days on market, which doesn’t always mean anything except when the home is a new listing in Sacramento. When the home is a new listing in Sacramento, the days on market, regardless of market conditions, beg for a different offer strategy. That strategy says if the price is fair, showings are high, and the buyer needs to buy that home, the best move is not to try to negotiate.

Buyer’s agents sometimes take a cavalier attitude. They say the buyer will learn a lesson when the buyer loses the house, and that’s why sometimes it takes more than one offer to buy a home. If the buyer refuses to take his or her agent’s advice, the agent will just look for the next house. It doesn’t always matter to the agent which house the buyer ends up buying — not like it does to the buyer — because the agent will get paid either way. read more

How Many Sacramento Purchase Offers Does it Take Before an Offer Sticks?

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Buyers who write purchase offers on homes they intend to buy generally close.

Even though I have been in the real estate business for 40 years, it still amazes me how buyers can be so sure one minute and so completely nuts the next. I’m wondering if there isn’t some sort of sign that buyer’s agents are overlooking, or if the agents are so completely focused on getting the paperwork signed that they forget to have a chat with the buyer. You know, something along the lines of: When you sign this contract, you have committed to buy a home, just in case they thought they were signing up for membership in Sam’s Club instead. read more

Working With the Best Sacramento Realtors Means Recognizing the Worst

the best sacramento realtorYou’ve got your good buyer’s agents in Sacramento, and you’ve got your lousy ones, and sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which from the inception. If you believe who the buyer’s agent is doesn’t make a difference in a real estate transaction, then you’re most likely not a top-producer listing agent in Sacramento. Because we see it all.

The first sign I’m working with a screwball is when I receive an offer from out-of-the-blue with no preceding phone call, no email, no text message, no voicemail, no prior notification whatsoever about the offer nor the buyer. To add insult to injury, these often are sent directly from a digital online signing service, without a single one-line sentence from the buyer’s agent to explain its existence. read more

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