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Elizabeth Weintraub Awarded Outstanding Life Member by REALTOR Group

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Outstanding Life Member of Master’s Club, Sacramento Board of Realtors

OK, first the graphic artist mistyped the logo but I finally received the Outstanding Life Member status bestowed upon this Sacramento Realtor by the Sacramento Association of Realtors as a Master’s Club member. It means I have consistently maintained a high level of sales, year-in and year-out, for the past decade.

It’s about the highest level you can achieve at the Realtor Board for its Master’s Club program. The qualifications for Master’s Club change pretty much annually, depending on the market. When the market was down, agents needed a lower sales volume to qualify, like $3 million and 8 sales. When the market is on an upswing, like the Sacramento real estate market is today, agents need a much higher sales volume to qualify, but still the same 8 sales.

Based on last year’s sales minimum sales volume requirement of $4 million in sales, I reached Master’s Club status this February. Over the past 5 years, I average about 100 sales a year. Most agents don’t care how long it takes them to achieve that status as long as they bring in the sales volume before the end of the year. If they do it over and over with no gaps, after 10 years, they are awarded Outstanding Life Member status.

I don’t believe we get anything special with this recognition, apart from a new plaque to hang on my home office wall, which only my housekeeper admires. We get a logo to put on our website, a logo that doesn’t really mean anything to anybody else. A logo that was first mistyped and needed to be corrected, LOL.

Nobody is rolling out the red carpet or taking my photo. I’m not on any lists except those lists the Board of Realtors sells to vendors who want to sell me even more memorabilia of my accomplishments. It’s mostly an internal recognition. I get my picture pushed further ahead in Sacramento Magazine of the other agents who have elected to pay a fee for publication.

Not every agent will pay to advertise her Master’s Club status. I reluctantly do it for the simpler reason that I don’t want clients wondering why I’m not in the Sacramento Bee or wherever they are looking. They get you by the cojones. Which should not be mistaken for conejos, as that would be rabbits.

Elizabeth Weintraub Awarded Outstanding Life Member by REALTOR Group

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