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Marketing Bloopers, Home Selling Mistakes

Marketing bloopers

Marketing bloopers, home selling mistakes. A great title, love it. I was on MLS today and I found a listing just like the one Elizabeth is referencing below. I laughed out loud.  Thinking about this post below was deja vu. Do agents really write dumb things like below in the MLS? Do they publish horrible photos? Answers to both I’m sad to say are yes, they absolutely do. It is frankly so embarrasing. Clients send me things on the MLS all of the time in disbelief. You have to keep your humor and just laugh out loud sometimes or you might feel like crawling under a rock. This is a previous post for another website by Elizabeth.  Enjoy the read. read more

Marketing Bloopers, Home Selling Mistakes

How Do Top Listing Agents Market Homes for Sale in Sacramento?

market homes for sale in sacramento

My seller called today to ask just how does a top listing agent like me market homes for sale in Sacramento? She did not ask this question before listing her home for sale or maybe I answered it during our discussions. I often try to anticipate what a seller will want to know before she asks the question. Thinking ahead is one of my specialties, you know. This seller wanted to know what happens when her listing goes live in MLS, where does it go and how does it get there. And specifically, what do I do to market homes for sale in Sacramento?

This took me longer than I thought it would, to fully explain. I’ll try to share those thoughts with you in the limited space and time I have available. First, my listings go live at midnight on Thursday, usually. That gives time for photos to download throughout the internet. The listing usually shows up live in Zillow the follow morning, which feeds into Trulia, and the information is generally wrong. There might be old photos, or the number of rooms is off, or it doesn’t show correct stats for the property. So, I go in to Zillow and manually fix its errors. Wish I didn’t have to, but I do.

Next is the independent website with the property address as the URL. Followed by a virtual tour. Then I check the listing on my own IDX on my Elizabeth Weintraub website for accuracy and photos. Sometimes they don’t show correctly and I have to notify my IDX of an error. I also subscribe to a digital ad service, the type that follow buyers who exhibit buying behavior all over the internet. Most agents who market homes for sale in Sacramento do not pay for an IDX like I do.

When it comes to my specialized method and how I market homes for sale in Sacramento, my website receives a high ranking in Google for a lot of real estate terms. I’ve been online since 1991, and I write many home buying and selling articles for The Balance (the former vertical. All of this elevates my listings in search engines in ways other agents can’t begin to do. My SEO is organic and real.

To top it off, I write a personal blog about my new listing, and I prepare many links back to my blog from other real estate related resources. My seller’s home enjoys a presence in Facebook, on Twitter, and other popular social media platforms. It’s like leaving no stone unturned. You can’t spin around without running into a listing from Elizabeth Weintraub and Lyon Real Estate. The way I market homes for sale in Sacramento is unrivaled. Can’t be duplicated.

Nobody else really does it this way, and certainly not the discount agents, although they try to claim to. They don’t do it. Agents can’t. They aren’t Elizabeth Weintraub. Nobody can be me, but me.

Elizabeth Weintraub

How Do Top Listing Agents Market Homes for Sale in Sacramento?

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