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Just Another Week In The Life Of A Busy Sacramento Realtor

Busy Sacramento Realtor

Just another week in the life of a busy Sacramento Realtor. Can I tell you It has been a week from hell? From a broken computer, a broken color printer to a defunct camera and taking a bad fall, what a week. While attending a virtual tour shoot a few days ago, I fell off a concrete step. 

I was standing backward at the time, talking to my sellers and the photographer. While trying to move out of the photographer’s way, I was taking a step back. Next thing I knew, wham, down on the concrete I tumbled. My ankle rolled over onto its side. Next, my wrist hits the ground to try and break my fall. Finally, the weight of my body onto my wrist sends a jolt up to my shoulder, ouch. Falling downward, felt like slow motion cinematography. I’m thinking to myself, “yup, I just fell down. “ read more

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