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Representing Two Buyers for Land Park Homes

Representing two buyers for the same Land Park home doesn’t happen very often. But in our crazy Sacramento real estate market, it’s possible. Yup, an agent can represent more than one buyer to buy the same home. Especially with limited inventory. Our California Association of REALTORs team of lawyers have even designed a form for this called a DA — Disclosure and Consent for Representation of More than One Buyer or Seller. It lets an agent engage in dual agency, too, as well as disclose the terms and conditions of an offer (without a confidentiality agreement). When I read that document, I no longer wonder why the public has problems with trust issues concerning real estate agents. read more

Selecting a Land Park Agent as a Dual Agent

When a Sacramento home buyer says she wants only to talk to the listing agent, that is generally not good news. I often ask: Why? Is the house on fire? Because I’m telling you, if the house is not on fire, telling the listing agent that one wants to deal only with her is absolutely insulting. It’s insulting, it’s irritating and it’s idiotic. There, you have three I-words to describe that kind of thinking. It’s implying that the listing agent is unethical at best and establishes an adversarial relationship at worst. read more

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