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Another Useful Way to Hire a Home Stager

Home Stager

Why not hire a home stager for setting up your new home?

A received a call the other day from a Land Park home owner who asked me if I could refer her to an interior designer. She was in the process of improving her living areas and wanted to buy new furniture, window coverings and accessories, but didn’t know where to start. Guess she figured out from some of my blogs that I live in Land Park. I am also a very easy Land Park agent to find in Google. My websites and blogs rank with four URLs out of the top 10.

It was not unusual for a person I do not know to call me looking for advice. Of course, with all home purchasing decisions, it’s important to have a goal in mind, a picture of your finished product. While you might adore a butter-soft Italian leather sofa, for example, it’s difficult to imagine how it might fit in with your existing decor or whether you should design a room around that single piece of furniture. read more

The Unintended Consequences of Fixing a Mailbox in Land Park

mailbox land park

Hand putting new mail in a full mailbox in Land Park.

Here is what you don’t do. You don’t stick a flashlight between your teeth to hold the light steady while you’re pounding away with a hammer. Part of the reason not to hold a flashlight in your teeth is evident. As you pound, you might grit your teeth in relation to the increased force used to slam a nail. Or, at least that’s my theory and I’m sticking with it because yesterday I broke a crown in half. The tooth simply snapped. It wouldn’t have been so bad, probably, if it was a located in the back of my jaw but it has to be, of course, a front tooth. Now I look like a bag lady. read more

The Mill at Broadway Showcases Model Homes in Land Park

mill at broadway

Elizabeth Weintraub enjoys a beer at The Mill at Broadway with the Channel 10 Ingress Portal in back.

We had many good reasons to visit The Mill at Broadway last night, and here they are in no particular order: Free brats from LowBrau in Midtown and free cold IPA beer from New Helvetia in Land Park. An evening out for us, with my Elizabeth Weintraub Team member and good friend Barbara Dow, and her husband, Jim. The Mill at Broadway is walking distance from our home in Land Park. And we all needed to see the new housing complex, which I predict this Sacramento Realtor will be listing and selling in a few years as resale homes in Land Park. Always thinking ahead. read more

About the PG&E Gas Lines in Land Park on Muir Way

pg&e gas lines land park

PG&E works on gas lines in Land Park on Muir Way.

PG&E is working furiously on tearing up the streets in Land Park to lay new PG&E gas lines. You have probably spotted those ubiquitous blue-and-white trucks that are busy replacing gas lines all over Sacramento this year but they are especially prevalent at the moment near where I live in Land Park. We’ve got those older PG&E gas lines running through our neighborhood, just like the Orangeburg sewer lines that so many homes in Land Park have to deal with and, if you live in Land Park and haven’t had a sewer inspection, you should probably do it. These older materials were not meant to last forever, but they’ve also been forgotten over the years, sorta like Pia Zadora, who my husband mentioned the other day when I asked why we were not watching a show that had won a Golden Globe last year. Two words, he said. read more

Real Estate Construction and Condo Market in Downtown Sacramento

kings arena downtown sacramento

Back side of the Sacramento Kings Arena, the Golden 1 Center, on L Street near 5th.

Lots of people are beginning to bank on property values going up near the new downtown Sacramento Kings Arena, now named the Golden 1 Center, and with good reason. Parts of downtown Sacramento are going through renovation, which often tends to boost values in the neighborhoods near by. And there is a lot to point toward, from the older expansion of the Crocker Museum to the revitalization of K Street and all the construction buzz for boutique hotels, new condos and apartment buildings.

Rents are going up, too. In fact, in some neighborhoods, it is cheaper to buy a home in Sacramento than to rent. The buy-and-hold investors are coming back. There is a big difference between the flipper investors and regular investors. I think it’s funny that we call the flippers “investors” when they are more like gamblers. Sometimes they win and sometimes they lose and they never seem to know when to fold. For the long run, investors who buy homes to rent them out look more for value than trying to squeeze every last dime out of a transaction and better fit the term investor. read more

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