how to sell probate real estate

When Selling Probate, Real Estate Mama Says: Take Your Coat

Selling Probate Real Estate

When selling probate, real estate mama says: take your coat. I should have listened to her. I was booked yesterday to do a presentation on selling probate real estate in Placer County. When I left Sacramento County, the weather was fine. Upon arrival to the Auburn Holiday Inn, the weather was very chilly and windy.

When the presentation was complete, I had to drive to Colfax to check on a probate listing. We had hired a new vendor to steam clean the interior and wanted to check the quality of the work. Sometimes, when senior people live in a home for many years, they are not really able to take care of things. These type of properties can be shocking for buyers to see as they are often beyond a typical fixer upper. Our usual clean-up crew went to Colfax to bid the job two weeks ago. They immediately left and refused to do it. This lets your imagination run wild, just envision how bad it looked. read more

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