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Selling a Home Without an Appraisal in Sacramento

selling a home without an appraisal

Selling a home without an appraisal can result in a much higher price.

Selling a home without an appraisal in Sacramento is not that difficult to do if you identify which homes might qualify for this set of circumstances. You may ask how do you do that? Well, for starters, you hire an experienced Sacramento Realtor who knows how to spot these types of homes. I remember a while back when I shared with a reporter from the Washington Post how I sold a home in Elk Grove without an appraisal and pulled underwater sellers out from under the house by selling over appraised value. I saved them from a short sale. read more

Fixer Rosemont Home Pending in Four Days With 10 Offers

sacramento fixer home

People see how fast an agent can put a home pending (into escrow) in Sacramento and they often make the mistake of thinking that selling Sacramento real estate must be a piece of cake, when little is further from the truth. I’ve been working on this listing for the past 6 1/2 weeks. There were a lot of moving parts, many circumstances and unforeseen situations, some out-of-state, some in the city, and it all had to come together. On top of this, I revised my comparative market analysis almost daily to arrive at the perfect listing price. read more

Home Pricing Strategies for Selling Homes in Elk Grove

home pricing strategies

Home pricing strategies vary depending on the type of marketplace.

Because I list and sell so many homes in the Elk Grove area, I get a lot of calls from appraisers asking about home pricing strategies and what happened during our offer negotiations. It’s a good thing I am organized. I keep all of my offers and notes on each in a separate spreadsheet just for reference. There is no way I can pull this stuff out of my memory. I’m lucky if I can recall the name of the street. The calls from appraisers generally center on how to substantiate the sales value without enough comps. read more

How to Know if Your Sacramento Home is Priced Right

sacramento home is priced right

If your Sacramento home is priced right, you will receive an offer.

Sellers sometimes wonder if their Sacramento home is priced right. Even though a Sacramento Realtor may explain how comparable sales work, how we arrive at pricing, it’s not unusual for sellers to be confused or to disregard the comparable sales. After all, if a buyer pays cash, the comparable sales are not always that important since there will be no appraisal. Believe it or not, not every buyer is concerned as long as the price pencils out or otherwise makes sense to them, especially if the buyers are from the Bay Area, like many of my buyers seem to be. They think our prices in Sacramento are remarkably affordable compared to the Bay Area, and they are. read more

Reasons to Validate Overpriced Listings in Sacramento

luxury homes on the water in sacramento

A luxury home on the water in Sacramento, by Elizabeth Weintraub.

A pile of newsletters travel through my email each week, many of which I do not open. I just look at the headlines. I send out my own newsletter every week to thousands and thousands of subscribers. will not let me tell you how many subscribe to my homebuying newsletter, but it’s an astonishing number. I don’t know why people care what I have to say or why they even read it. Some send me emails that say they have no interest in real estate at all, they just want to see what I write. Which floors me. read more