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Sacramento Fixer Home For Sale in Rosemont

sacramento fixer home

9165 Thilow Drive, Sacramento, CA 95826 is a Sacramento fixer home.

Here is the house that investors and flippers have been waiting for: a Sacramento fixer home for sale in Rosemont. They say the biggest problem with opportunity is few recognize opportunity when opportunity comes knocking. Or they expect opportunity to change her clothes, lose weight, color her hair or somehow make herself more attractive when she’s beautiful just the way she is. In other words, a buyer doesn’t have to grind out every last dime in a transaction to make it worthwhile.

There is plenty of room in this sales price to do improvements and eventually sell the home to a first-time home buyer, if that’s your cup of tea. Or, you can buy the home for yourself, fix it up and live in it. As long as you’re able to tackle a Sacramento fixer home, have the rehab know-how, then knock yourself out. This is the home for you. The prices in that neighborhood are in the upper 200’s and lower 300’s. This 1963 Sacramento fixer home is listed at $245,000. read more

Do Not Be a “Snooze You Lose” Home Buyer in a Seller’s Market

Snooze you lose is OK for a feline but not a home buyer

Snooze you lose is OK for a feline but not a home buyer

Many years ago — when I used to work with more home buyers than I do now, as most of my business nowadays is representing sellers as a listing agent — I recall a first-time buyer, let’s call her Cathy, who did not know when she should write an offer to buy a home in Sacramento. We had spent all day together, chasing around Rosemont looking at homes for sale. There was one home in particular that she gravitated toward, a home without carpeting, mostly hardwood flooring, with a huge back yard, priced right, and it fit all of her needs. read more

A Home Buyer Almost Lost Her Rosemont Home

I just closed escrow on Friday for an incredible couple of sellers of a Rosemont home who had moved to Florida. They had owned a rental property in which the tenant had vacated and it was now time to sell. An agent in Florida referred this couple to me. I think the agent found me through one of my blogs and noted that I sell homes all over the Sacramento area. Because I sell so many homes (100+ /yr), odds are I probably sell a lot in any one area, and Rosemont is one of those neighborhoods for me. I know it pretty well. And I knew this particular home might pick up comparable sales from a nearby subdivision, which has a higher per median square-foot-cost than the surrounding neighborhood. Which meant if we positioned this correctly, the sellers could probably get a bit more for this home than they would otherwise. read more

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