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Carmichael Pool Home in Shelfield Estates at a Great Price!

carmichael pool home in shelfield estates

Finally, the pool home in Shelfield Estates I’ve been working on is ready for the market. We just went “live” in MLS last night around midnight. Such a tremendous property, and I’m very excited, thrilled actually, that the sellers chose me to market this home. It is a successor trustee sale, as many of my listings seem to be lately. My hope is a buyer will love the home as much as I do. It’s so much easier for a listing agent to market properties when the agent feels passionate about the home as well! read more

The Sacramento Story of Closing Two Houses on a Lot

Two houses on a lot in carmichaelWhen escrows close like this recent closing two houses on a lot, I like to review the transaction for closure and for learning purposes. Even though I have been in the real estate business since the 1970s, I still learn something new almost every day. In the 15 years that I’ve worked in Sacramento, and yes, I just passed my 15th anniversary at Lyon Real Estate, I’ve most likely sold more than 1,000 properties.  Never added up all my sales. Do not look in the rearview mirror much. read more

Wowie Zowie Stunning Zen Home in Carmichael on the Creek

home in Carmichael on the Creek

6527 Grant Av, Carmichael, CA 95608

Imagine a zen home in Carmichael on the creek, an oasis nestled among dozens of oak trees and tall redwoods, a secluded .67 acre lot where one can observe wandering deer, chirping birds, fluttering hummingbirds, and be completely oblivious to the fact that a half mile away is a bustling metropolis. You would believe you’re in the middle of forest. Here, raccoons and squirrels might scamper across your Ipe deck. Ipe (pronounced EEpay) is a high-quality Brazilian Walnut, one of the most durable wood known to human kind , which resists termites and decay, and can last a lifetime. This impressive deck measures almost 750 square feet (not verified). read more

Your Carmichael Realtor Presents Another Home for Sale

carmichael realtor

Your Carmichael Realtor presents 6919 Lincoln Avenue in Carmichael.

There is no time in my day to get geared up over the New Hampshire Primary when I’ve got a new listing for a home in Carmichael to market. This Carmichael Realtor has been busy. Although, I must say that we can blame Saturday Night Live now for seeing Larry David anytime we spot Bernie, and not really the nice side of Larry David but more the other, which isn’t really fair to the old guy but c’est la vie. True, check out Bern Your Enthusiasm on Hulu at the Rolling Stone. I’m not always in tune with what’s going on in the world, though, when I’m focusing on listing homes in Carmichael, or anywhere in Sacramento for that matter. read more

Carmichael Pool Home Near Maddox Ranch is Open Sunday

pool home in carmichael

1738 Mission Av, Carmichael, CA

Some of my very favorite listings are pool homes in Carmichael. It’s like almost a given that if you have a good-sized lot with a lot of trees in Carmichael, you need to have a pool, because otherwise how does it explain the fact that I happen to list and sell a lot of pool homes in Carmichael? This home is exceptional as well because the interior has been updated and remodeled, and there’s also an addition, which greatly increased the square footage to more than 1,900 square feet, according to the refinance appraisal I received from Golden1. read more

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