Taking Title as Wife and Husband When Homebuying

wife and husband

Bride and groom at reception discuss the good reasons to hold title as wife and husband when buying a home.

When I mention taking title as wife and husband when you’re buying a home; this is not meant to leave out anybody in the Sacramento LGBT Community. I know married people, for example, who refer to their coupling as husband and wife; yet others say husband and husband or wife and wife. There are few rules about what you can call your partner, unless you’re ticked off and intent upon sleeping on the sofa. But there are strict rules about ways to hold title to Sacramento real estate. Further, some married couples prefer taking title as wife and husband instead of husband and wife, regardless of gender. read more

About Being a Sacramento REALTOR First

sacramento realtor

This Sacramento Realtor receives a lot of unsolicited mail at the office.

Because I write a daily Sacramento real estate blog, which often contains consumer awareness information, exposes criminal wrong doings, real estate scams and the slippery slope of masked intentions behind the ways some companies try to take advantage of Realtors, I seem to have built a fan base across the country as a compassionate Sacramento REALTOR who leads a double life as a consumer advocate. This means people send unsolicited letters and packages through the U.S. mail to my office, sometimes anonymously, like I’m going to take issue with other evil doings and write about it. read more

An Unusual Saturday for This Sacramento Real Estate Agent

Sacramento real estate agentIt is not usual for me to meet with clients nor attend a listing presentation on a Saturday. I generally use this day for writing my blogs, articles and newsletters for my homebuying website at About.com. In between, I answer calls about listings, book future appointments, so it’s not like I’m totally tuned out to my Sacramento real estate obligations, but it’s mandatory that I set aside a little bit of time in schedule to write.

However, today, I have three appointments. They could not be scheduled at any other time, so I had to squeeze them into my Saturday. If I were a less organized person, this would not be possible, but I am flexible enough to be able to make last-minute changes. In fact, I seriously doubt another agent in Sacramento could survive the fast pace of my real estate business yet still maintain time to focus on each client individually like I do. Not one of my clients ever feel as though I don’t have enough time for them, because I make time for every client. read more

Open House Etiquette for Home Buyers

Because I write for a national homebuying website on About.com, I get emails from people all over the country. This morning I received a note from Helen, a distraught homeowner: “I would appreciate your comments on homebuying clients upon seeing through your house for sale without asking to use the washroom, making a mess and using the clean hand towels. I cannot for the life of me think that a person could be so inconsiderate. My question is how would you handle the situation without being discourteous or rude?” read more

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